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Air compressor development history

The (mechanical) vacuum pump made in Germany in 1640 is the originator of modern air compression machinery.

About 1800 The first single-stage (reciprocating piston) air compressor was made in the UK with an exhaust pressure of 1.38 MPa (gauge).

In 1829, the first two-stage reciprocating air compressor with intercooling was designed in the UK.

In 1878, the Swiss Buckhardt Maschinenfadrik AG produced the company's first air compressor with a control valve for the gas distribution.

In 1878, the German H.Krihar first proposed the concept of an air compressor without internal compression. This air compressor is the future screw air compressor. However, due to the limitations of the process technology at the time, only the concept can not be manufactured.

In 1888天津快乐十分走势图, the compressed air station in the French city's pneumatic system already had 14 reciprocating air compressors with a total power of 1500kw.

In 1902, Ingersoll-Rand Co. made the first mobile reciprocating air compressor.

1904 Atlas天津快乐十分走势图, Sweden develops the first piston air compressor

In 1907 Atlas of Sweden produced the company's first mobile reciprocating air compressor. The internal combustion engine and single-stage air compressor were horizontal and shared a crankshaft. This is the world's first integrated motorcycle compressor.

In 1930 a mobile air compressor called Monodloc was introduced. It is essentially a diesel motorized air compressor: vertical, 4-cylinder cross-headless, two-stroke, diesel-powered cylinder that directly drives the vertical, 2-cylinder, two-stage, single-acting, on the same fuselage through the same crankshaft. There is a crosshead compression cylinder.

In 1931, Morthington Corp. of the United States made the company's first opposed air compressor, and later developed into today's BDC symmetric balanced air and gas compressor series.

1934 German KSB company's reciprocating cylinder oil-free lubrication air compressor. In the same year, the first reciprocating cylinder oil-free lubricating air compressor produced by the Wurzen machinery manufacturing and foundry in Germany used a graphite ring as the material for the reciprocating sealing element.

In 1934 Professor Alf Lysholm of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden was the first to design a screw air compressor and its rotor tooth profile. Since then, screw air compressors have been produced and applied. At this time, the screw machine, although theoretically has some of the advantages he needs, but because it must have a very large displacement, can meet the requirements of gas turbine work. Therefore, the screw machine has not been applied in this field. Despite this, Alf Lysholm and its Swedish SRM company continue to conduct in-depth research on the application of screw air compressors in other fields. Until 1937, Alf Lysholm successfully developed two types of screw compressor test prototypes at SRM and achieved satisfactory results. At the end of 1935, Sulzer Brothers Ltd made the first for Zurich brewery. Labyrinth cylinder oil-free lubrication air compressor.

1946 James Howden, based in Scotland, Scotland, was the first to obtain a license for the production of screw air compressors from Swedish SRM. Subsequently, a number of companies in Europe, the United States and Japan also obtained this license from the Swedish SRM company, engaged in the production and sales of screw air compressors.

In 1957, the oil-injected screw air compressor was introduced, which further improved the shortcomings of the previous screw air compressor, so it was widely used. In the same period, Atlas, Ingersoll Rand and Sullair successively purchased air compressor parts from around the world and assembled them into their own brands of screw air compressors. In 1960, Atlas Company of Sweden famous DT4 short-stroke air compression Machine and ER8 low power consumption air compressors are available.

In 1960, B. Zimmern proposed the concept of a single-screw compressor and obtained the patent. In 1962, the first prototype was prototyped. In the early 1970s, it was officially put into production by Peugeot. In the late 1970s, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Japan successively developed and produced single-screw compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning, in the form of open and semi-closed. In the late 1980s, technology was promoted to develop single-screw compressors for the compression of various gases (including air, flammable, explosive, and toxic gases) used in the petroleum, chemical, and mining industries. At present, manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries can produce single-screw compressors of different specifications.

In 1961, the oil-injected screw refrigeration compressor and the screw process compressor were successfully developed. Through the continuous basic theoretical research and product development test, the superior performance of the screw air compressor has been continuously exerted through continuous improvement of the rotor type line and the development of special rotor processing equipment. Since then, a variety of screw air compressors have been available.

天津快乐十分走势图In the past two decades, especially in the 11 years of the 21st century, various new technologies of screw air compressors have emerged, processing precision has been continuously improved, and auxiliary equipment has become more and more perfect. These factors have made the performance of screw air compressors more and more people's affirmation, so its scope of use has also been expanding. It has become the most popular type of air compressor, and may replace piston air compressors in the future. Become the most widely used type of air compressor.


History of centrifuge development:

天津快乐十分走势图After the industrial revolution of the 18th century, with the rapid development of the textile industry, a cotton dewatering machine appeared in 1836. In 1877, in order to meet the needs of the cheese processing industry, a separator for separating milk was invented. After entering the 20th century, with the development of comprehensive utilization of petroleum, water, solid impurities, tar-like materials, etc. are required to be removed, so that heavy oil can be used as a fuel oil. In the 1950s, the disc-type piston slag separator with automatic slagging was successfully developed, and it developed into a complete series in the 1960s. With the needs of modern environmental protection and the development of three wastes, the requirements for industrial wastewater and sludge dewatering are high, which has led to the further development of decanter centrifuges, disc separators and three-legged lower discharge centrifuges. In particular, the development of horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuges is particularly rapid. With the continuous development of various industries in the national economy, various types of centrifuges are constantly being updated, and various new types of centrifuges are also emerging.

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